DermaGrow By Revolution

Increase your Hair Growth, get Thicker Healthier hair and decrease your hair loss with DermaGrow.

DermaGrow adopts infrared, ozone and impulse in 8 probes.

  • Infrared Therapy Activates cells and promotes metabolism, removing dead cells and reproducing new ones.
  • Ozone clean up the bacteria in the hair follicle clogging junk, restoring hair follicles healthy. It stimulates the scalp and promotes blood circulation.
  • Impulse Acupuncture Adjustment can efficiently activate cells, dilate capillaries and awaken deeply-slept hair follicles.
  • Consult a specialist before usage.

Lifetime WARRANTY. Money back Guaranteed!

SRP $700.00 Register your 3 months results warranty here

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Revolution Hair Fibers

Turn your existing hair so thick it will reduce the visibility of your scalp immediately.

Revolution Hair Fibers 28 gr.
Approximately 100 applications
SRP $145

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Revolution Keratin Mist

Enriched With Keratin and Kiwi, this keratin Anti-frizz mist will hydrate your hair while Keeping Revolution Hair Fibers in place through sweat, Rain and Wind.

Revolution Keratin Mist 4 oz.
Approximately 150 applications
SRP $50

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Gray Hair Touch up

Instantly Touch-up your grays and roots with this brush-in technology that will not clump your hair, or stain your skin; It will brush your hair and separate it while covering your roots.

Water Resistant

Available in : Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown

Gray Hair Touch up Mascara. Approximately 200 applications
SRP $55

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Hairatin CLarifying Shampoo

30% fullness GUARANTEED!
Experience Hairatin Clarifying Shampoo: Add Volume and Density to thinning hair.

Is your Hair looking lifeless and without volume or density? The use of Hair products like gel, mousse, hairspray, waxes, daily shampoo or conditioner and even the chloride of tap water leave build-ups on your hair overtime that can weigh your hair down. Hairatin Clarifying Shampoo is a dual purpose complex Formulated to Gently Deep Clean your Hair to remove hair build-up while turning it thicker and fuller for more density and volume.

SRP $55

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Hairatin Keratinized Treatment

Experience Hairatin Keratinized Treatment. Nourish your Hair with this dual-purpose Keratin Treatment that will invigorate thinning hair, making it voluminous and dense without leaving unwanted build-up. Enriched with panthenol and Keratin, Hairatin Keratinized Treatment penetrates and nourishes the hair shaft while fortify it by increasing its diameter. See results after the third application.

SRP $55

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Semipermanent Touch up

If you like our washable Touch up, you will LOVE our semipermanent. Patented Water Proof, get 100% Gray coverage. the quick drying – mess free formula makes instant gray hair touch up a breeze. The color Gradually intensifies with each application.

SRP $99.99

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